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That wasn done with the polycount at all

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canada goose clearance nanashi05 2 points submitted 21 days ago canada goose clearance

cheap Canada Goose I hesitant to butt in on canada goose factory outlet this as well, but I think there is a point about the photograph comment. I checked other mods with canada goose outlet canada goose outlet 80 off apple pie textures and I canada goose victoria parka outlet find they all are a bit jarring because although they have photo textures, the top of the pie is still canada goose outlet toronto address flat despite looking like it should have depth due to the dough strips. cheap canada goose outlet london uk Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket I find this particularly jarring on this mod textures because of how canada goose outlet online store crisp and detailed they are. When that is put onto a rather flat model, it really confuses my immersion sensor and results in this canada goose jacket uk jarring feeling. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet Considering the pie is 6k, it probably would look more realistic if the dough strips on the top of the pie were modeled. Then you would really get that depth at goose outlet canada the top of the apple pie. The texture also would look less like a photo since it would be using an apple section (the layer underneath) and a dough section (for the strips on top). The texture seems to support this (the upper right could serve as the apple layer underneath), canada goose outlet mall but the UV mapping on the model doesn seem to use it. Didn look pleasant once I canada goose outlet kokemuksia got canada goose outlet vancouver the texture on, and reducing it made the mesh jagged and at 300 kb for the entire nif there didn seem to be much reason to. It bizarre to me that this person takes more issues with the 300kb nif than the 20 mb 4k canada goose parka outlet uk textures I guess one thing is allowed to be HD but it somehow irresponsible for the other? Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose deals What I ended up canada goose outlet montreal doing to try to make the lattice more 3d was to use an alpha map to place the filling, in a sense, below the crust slightly on canada goose outlet houston the model. Directly from the side it difficult to tell but the effect shows at other angles. The bottom mesh is the apple layer, like you canada goose outlet store montreal said, and the top mesh has got the alpha map to make “holes” canada goose outlet eu in the lattice for depth. 2 points submitted 21 days ago canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket cheap Do you have any knowledge on 3d modeling at all? because literally anybody with even basic knowledge could look at his mesh and see that it is unoptimized and a waste of resources. How do I know for a fact? Because he made an excuse that the polygon count was higher due to detailed lattices, however this is not the case as there is no definition there. Also the topology of the model makes it clear how this was created. You also do not “place polygons” and the closest thing to that practice is retopology, which wasn used on this model because zero texture baking canada goose clothing uk was done or needed as the textures are photographs. Reply if you want, I won bother replying to you. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose black friday sale Nice harassing people on my mod threads again. And I realize that in your bizarre world I apparently said the polycount was for the lattice? No lol? I said I tried to make the lattice more 3d. That wasn done with the polycount at all. And if you have this much of a problem with a 300kb model, why aren you bitching at everyone who using a resource from Melt in the Mouth? The cake which, canada goose outlet new york try not to foam at the mouth, I using in my next mod has got more polycount than the pie. Or why not canada goose outlet seattle bitch at everyone who using any 4k textures at all, which aren optimized at all, are gigantic, and at 20mb will definitely pose a risk in canada goose outlet phone number slowing things down? canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose online Because it doesn serve your purpose of trying to condescendingly convince everyone you the best modder on nexus? 2 points submitted 5 months ago Canada Goose online

Canada Goose sale They destructible objects, so to break them you have to whack them with something, blast them with a spell, or shoot them with an arrow. I not sure collision alone works on destructible objects it needs actual damage to occur to it, though not much. Apparently havok collision canada goose womens outlet can cause damage if it wild enough but I not sure if that applies to destructible objects or just my character when the treasure room starts getting a little too excited Canada Goose sale.

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